Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easton - Davis County Newborn Photographer

I'm thinking newborns are my favorite to photograph.  I just love it.

Earl Family - Davis County Family Photographer

I really like photographing this family!  They are just gorgeous and fun!  They keep me on my toes!

Tree Farm - Davis County Family Photographer

I always wanted to do a session on a Christmas tree farm and I don't know if this one is a Christmas tree farm per se but it did the job ;)  It is so hard to choose favorites!

Ember's First Year - Davis County Child Photographer

Isn't she just adorable?  She is sooo loved!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Courtney from Fry Sauce and Grits - Davis County Family Photographer

Not too long ago I photographed my friend's family, Courtney from Fry Sauce and Grits. It was so much fun to catch up with her and she is so much fun to be around.  Courtney and I went to school together and grew up in the same neighborhood.

Courtney wrote a little about me and what sessions are like with me on her blog, kind of a mini-feature along with some tips on how to have a good photo session.

Click HERE to visit her piece with tips on a great session and click HERE for another post about me :) I feel so lucky!

I loved what she wrote but I wanted to include a bit more of my favorites of her session and kind of put my feet back into the water with blogging more of what I do :).  I figure as I am editing it would be easier for me to make a little collage than it would be to upload each individually.  So here is to more posts!  Cheers!